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Do the backgrounds in my custom boxes fill up the whole box? 

1 deviant said Yes
1 deviant said Yes, except for the bottom of the scrolling box with pictures in it.
No deviants said No -- there's a border on either side
No deviants said No, something else is wrong (comment)


Welcome ☙

??? | 19 | INFP

Hi everyone I'm Beezlemona and I don't go outside enough.


Coffee, Cool Colours, Sugar, Wings, Eyes, Bad Jokes, OCs, Crystals, Cheese, Space n Stars, Blood, Glowy Things


Coriander, Meanies

Recent Journals ☙

[hops on the gORetober bandwagon]disclaimer: probs wont even get around to half of these but here goes
combined it w the guro challenge for no good reason other than that I am picky and wanted some choices lol
1. Gashes OR Amputation
2. Extra Limbs/Eyes/Etc OR Decapitation
3. Surgery OR Cannibalism
4. Torture OR Piercing / Bodymodification
5. Amputation OR Mask / Covered eyes / Covered mouth
6. Cannibalism OR Surgery
7. Gut Spill OR Stitches
8. Ritualistic Sacrifice OR Undead / Zombie
9. Monster Form OR Skeleton / Bones
10. Blood Bath OR Cyborg / Mechanical
11. Skewered OR Conjoined bodies
12. Fire/Explosion Damage OR Parasite
13. Decay OR Sickness
14. Plant growth in body OR Self Harm
15. Emaciation OR Insects
16. Painful Transformation OR Bondage
17. Backstabbed (literally or figuratively) OR Tentacles
18. Acid burn OR Ball-jointed doll
19. Toolbox Injuries/Robotic Parts/Prosthetics OR Pet-play
20. Parasite OR Eyes
21. Manslaughter/Serial Kil
another life update journalHello deviantart friends
I suppose it is time that I gave you an update on my life???
As some of you already know I am currently in the middle of taking a semester off Uni to attempt to regain my footing mental-health wise
Which hasn't been especially successful thusfar but at least I'm getting a good break from the stress and some real time to think about stuff which is kinda helpful
It's been good take some time to be selfish n learn some things about me and figure out stuff even if I've spent most of that time sulking in my room so far
also I'm slowly getting down to a more sensible dose of my meds which seems to be helping
so yeah I'm not feelin too bad I guess I've regained a lil bit of hope which is a nice thing to have
things aren't exactly looking up as such but they're not looking down either which is a good change
Also I got a SUPER RAD crystal for my birthday it is big and green and purple and the best thing ever I should upload a picture of it sometime
but yea I dont really

fun facts with beezlemonaI'm 80% sure Xaanik is genderfluid despite only showing small hints as to this prior to now
I'm also 10% sure that I am genderfluid
he has a suspicious tendency to fall into the same categories of queer as me before I even realize I belong to them woops
i mean i still am figuring shit out but yea we'll see
this has been fun facts with beezlemona
OC drawing memememe nicked from :iconaltairsky:~
Comment on this journal with the following:
Select one of my OCs and select a number from the list below.
Example: Felony 20
I'll attempt to draw my OC doing the action you select.
OCs available:

Trenton (my inquisitor)

Dain (the sheet says he's Xaanik but he's really Dain I assure you) (looks slightly less healthy than this now but ok)
Aarix Armored by Beezlemona Decimator by Beezlemona
I'll try to draw my OC...
1) In what they normally wear
2) In what I&

Please ☙

There's no need to thank me for any faves, llamas or +watches, you are most welcome!


:iconcloudzapper8: :iconsororlupus: :iconanima07: :iconcullinaree: :iconcrecious:


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